Don LEIGH - P R E S S U R E (Prod by Mike Busyy) - Stereo Stickman

Don LEIGH P R E S S U R E (Prod by Mike Busyy)


Dreamy production and emo-rap voicings meet with refreshingly upbeat melodies and reflective writing for this hypnotic new single from Don LEIGH.

Featuring wave-like sound-design from Mike Busyy, PRESSURE weaves in a freestyle vocal melody that seems relentless yet calm all at once. With this come thoughtful lyrics, a level of contemplation and self-awareness that’s easy to connect with.

The concept of PRESSURE is vastly relatable, but in this case Busyy and LEIGH have arranged the track and progression of the voice in a manner that seems to relieve it – offering calm amidst chaos, a sense of movement and possibility. The lyrics keep things real but the music takes the edge off, and those two qualities work well together.

It’s a pleasure to here song-writing delve into authentic struggles, and music that works hard to overcome that – perfectly executed acknowledgment and escapism, designed to feel genuine, and to meet the stylistic desires of the modern scene.

Also recently released by Don LEIGH is the conceptually uplifting and cinematic BETTER DAYS, a beautifully heartfelt track complete with scene-setting samples of voice and soulful RnB melodies.

The bars captivate throughout, connecting for their rhythm and the sheer honesty of LEIGH’s outpouring. A piano-led, emotive and difficult piece of writing and music that offers genuine humanity and hardship relating to family and unfair, heart-breaking circumstances. The optimism of the hook injects brightness just when it’s needed, following verses that relay the struggle of the situation.

GUIDANCE is equally heartfelt, delicate in soundscape and varied in flow, offering more bars that hold tight to the listener’s attention, presenting realness, scene-setting, story-telling, and impressing for clear originality.

With each new track to grace the airwaves, Don LEIGH showcases yet another side to his contemplative and authentic writing style, and promises music to help softly drown out the weight of the outside world.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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