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Don Drago Haunted House (Feat. Juhst Goh & Lumenate)


Crisp production with electronic distortion just to intensify the high energy and darkness of the mood – Haunted House is a hard-hitting new single with a clear creative edge that quickly impresses.

Introducing a collaborative effort from Don Drago, Juhst Goh and Lumenate, Haunted House drives with a heavy hook melody and vocal line, and proceeds to weave its story-line around listeners with cleaner-cut, detailed and compelling verses.

Clever rhymes, a varied flow, a consistently refreshing way with language and exploration of the topic – the verses captivate well, laying bare a rapper at the top of his game, meandering through the various stages of the track with effortless skill and confidence. And always the progression resolves with that electronic-rock hook that fuses brilliantly with its surrounding layers of synths and rhythm.

An addictive alternative hip hop track, with a noteworthy potential for mainstream impact thanks to clarity and character combined – not to mention the sheer addictive strength of that hook. Listen loud.

Check out Don Drago on Twitter & Instagram or visit his Website. Follow Juhst Goh & Lumenate.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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