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Dom Champ All In


Dom Champ’s All In is a vibrant and energizing piece of music and performance that introduces the artist’s sound and approach to creativity in a colourful, striking way. This meeting between the multi-layered, free-flowing musical backdrop and Champ’s classic-style rap delivery makes for something uniquely characterful right now. It’s a track with great vibes, optimistic and interesting – simple verses pave the way towards a further simple but effective and memorable hook section.

The drums on this track are insane, they burst through the speakers in a non-standard hip hop manner; at least not considering the bulk of modern independent hip hop. There’s a sense of effort about it, rather than a simple loop and a voice-over – as is often the case with the ever-increasing number of bedroom recordings that fill the airwaves. The instrumentation is fairly manic, but Champ’s vocal delivery in contrast has a certain calmness about it – an easy going aura pours through from his performance, reinforcing those positive vibes, and introducing the sound of his voice in a natural way.

The second time you hear this, those opening few moments of music hit with satisfying impact – the switch from the delicacy of that intro to the far from traditional chaos of those drums and everything else that follows (building the soundscape around you, brick by brick but forever unpredictably), it gives the whole thing a definite sense of freedom. Furthermore, you’ll know those verses and that classically relaxed English leading voice from a mile away. The guitar riff that comes in towards the end of the verses adds a further flicker of personality and helps make the piece stand out even more-so. A live performance of this track would likely make for a big moment.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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