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Doc Jazz Closer To Me


Doc Jazz offers up the perfect remedy to a world in turmoil with this smooth and soulful new song. Closer To Me presents a calming, classic jazz ambiance and a romantic sense of togetherness as it gently pours through. Featuring hints of sax, flickers of additional vocals to warm up the hook section, and a generally well-arranged instrumental set-up, the track is quick to calm the listener; and to create a level of nostalgia with the seductive tones of yesteryear.

Coming in at over five minutes long, Closer To Me makes a promise and keeps it. Doc Jazz suggests throughout that the noise of the world gets to be a little too much sometimes, that this moment can free you of those outside concerns, and that’s precisely what the song proceeds to do.

Take a time-out from the game of life, and embrace the fact that we’re alive… 

Each verse lays out a tad more detail, never too much so as to ruin the laid-back charm of the music, and always things resolve slowly but surely back to the slightly fuller sound of that hook. The time-frame means there’s plenty of room to let these instrumental layers really work their magic – the spaciousness and the calm towards the end of the track lets its very sentiments and its aura settle in all the more effectively.

While it’s important to be aware of what’s going on in the world, it’s also important not to let yourself get too overwhelmed or exhausted by it all. Being that Doc Jazz is literally the doctor his name suggests – a surgeon, no less – he knows better than anyone perhaps, how important it is to stray away from stress whenever you can. Closer To Me has been written and composed with exactly that in mind, and the result is a song that genuinely allows you to escape for a while – to sit back and enjoy some time spent with whoever you hold close.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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  1. I loved working with Doc! He’s a true genius and knew exactly what he wanted, but still allowed me room to be creative with the backgrounds on this song. I’m glad you enjoyed it Rebecca and thank you for your kind words! Although they weren’t really for me (nor should they be, all compliments to Doc for his incredible creativity) I appreciate you taking the time to review it!

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