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Dobie You Are My Life (Extended Mix)


It’s always a total pleasure to listen to Dobie’s music – see the link, press play, turn the volume up. Never a disappointment, far from it. As the weekend begins to kick in, Your Are My Life is a beautifully atmospheric and intense listening experience that will leave you feeling incredible.

The journey throughout this release, the extended mix in particular, showcases a phenomenal level of detail and sound exploration. The core of the sound is always present, the rhythm, the pace, the synthesised wave of notes. Alongside of this though, the release presents a structure that throws in more than a few snippets of alternate reality, occasionally making for something that feels much more like a multi-sensory experience than simply audio. There’s a touch of spoken word, a few moments of industrial breakdown alongside the smoothness, and there are definite instances of grit and emotion that provoke intense thought.

The track’s title and concept lead you to consider the music in a certain way. The intensity that builds and builds throughout reminds you of the passion and dedication involved in loving someone unquestionably, the overwhelming effect this can have on you, the rush it can bring. Story-line aside, Dobie’s music is the sort you can rely upon again and again to hit hard just when you need it – that essential escapism, that all-encompassing sound that makes you feel alive and ready for anything. The added benefit is the intricacy, and in this case, the intimacy of the concept. There’s passion and power to it all, bringing the production alive, showcasing variety and creative freedom as well us undeniable precision and skill in crafting a six minute plus piece of music – particularly one that never fails to captivate from start to finish.

Stream the track on Soundcloud. Find & follow Dobie on Facebook, Twitter & Reverbnation.

Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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