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Dobie The Moment (Techno Remix)


Dobie’s return this month brings something with a definite edge. The pace is up, the music has weight and draws an energetic and enthusiastic response from you – just as classic techno or trance intended to back in the day. As always, his production is on point, never is the quality anything less than impeccable. What makes the music grab you though has to be the creative application, the expression of those feelings and thoughts, of that energy – making sure it reaches out and connects with its audience.

This single has the musical bliss of any great dance release, yet what’s enjoyable here is the minor touch of lyricism that reinforces that concept and that motivational energy of the music. You feel inclined to cease the moment, as the track does. The experience is less than four minutes, a surprisingly radio-worthy release for a producer of music designed to enlighten your head-space. The ambiance is as eclectic and interesting as ever, beautiful even, in the way these sounds and synths have been crafted and combined. Much more than this though, the pace and brightness of the track’s rhythm drives its way into your consciousness from the first few moments.

The beat is less tribal here than his previous release, there’s a striking electronic element to it that adds further weight and intensity to the overall effect. You’re drawn out into the light with the sound, as opposed to be drawn backwards into the darkness to appreciate things from a quieter and less communicative position. The leading voice sampled on the track actually adds a touch of nostalgia, bringing back memories of dance releases from yesteryear, which, for many of us, completed the summertime. The way the sounds and the developing beat cascade and collide is captivating. The movement is consistent, the moment is, quite appropriately, fleeting – in more ways than one. Listen loud.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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