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Dobie My Everything (Summer 2017 Remix)


Dobie’s Summer 2017 Remix of My Everything is just about the perfect remedy for a long or troubling few weeks. The original uplifting soul and energy of the track lives on, surrounded in this case by a smooth wash of additional ambiance that replaces the prior intensity with a more easy going, after party sort of glow.

The music comes with a soothing vibe that soaks you in a wash of unity and oneness, as opposed to intermittently drawing your focus to the crisp and definite singular moments that make up the recording. It’s a refreshing work of art that pays tribute to some of the very classic trance releases from way back when. And yet, as mentioned, everything we first loved about My Everything on first discovery back in May has been maintained, though only via certain relevant snippets – the vocal part isn’t missed until it returns, for example, and then it’s loved all over again.

The remix works beautifully as it’s own thing, but once you’re reminded of the original architecture of the track the appreciation for what it first was comes back in full force. At this point you’re already submerged in the beauty of the music, and it’s nothing but a positive to remember how powerful the track first was and still somehow is – in whatever manner it may arrive around you.

The remix is, essentially, a five minute explosion of great vibes and hopefulness. The optimism the soundscape inflicts upon you is infectious, and there’s more than enough room for that for kind of knock-on effect in the world. As ever, the build up is mesmerising and all encompassing, and the sound has been beautifully polished to allow you to truly stand back in awe and subsequently escape whole heartedly into this world of audio.

Check out our review of the original release of My EverythingFind and follow Dobie on Facebook, Twitter & Reverbnation. Visit the Dobie Records Website for more info.

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