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Dobie Heart Of Glass (Trance Remix 2018)


This is easily one of Dobie’s greatest releases to date. Heart Of Glass, the trance remix, is sensational. We’ve come expect nothing less than brilliant from the creative producer, the weight and energy of his approach to music is always second to none; in this case though, there seems to be a little something more than the expected, and it sounds stunning.

Beginning in the only way possible, the immediate vibrancy and pace of trance – the beat and the soundscape, the dreamlike aura and the drum-line. As you settle into the rhythm though, the essence of the original song breaks through; the manic musicality falls away, the emotional depth and humanity of the leading voice is laid out beautifully in its own right. The melody surrounds you, a simple synth backdrop and a few layers of reverb add a calming level of space. Following this, the track simply explodes into something immensely satisfying. It’s entrancing – as trance should be – in the most infectious and overwhelming way. The experience is reminiscent of those moments at 3am, when the music just takes over you, and all you can do is dance and dream and be free.

Dobie gets it right every time, in my opinion. The music is flawlessly, masterfully crafted and presented. This particular release is a personal favourite because it brings together the strength and brilliance of iconic, authentic trance, and something a little more melodic and personal. That element of realness is the words that pour out, the melody that softly asks for your affection, the imagery that welcomes and involves you – and the vastness of the space that does the same. The louder you listen, the more profound and all-encompassing the effect becomes. This is three short minutes of musical heaven for those who appreciate and love the art of electronic musicianship and production. An absolute beaut of a single.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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