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Dobie Drowning (Feat. Xavier Clayton)


Some time has passed but it’s always worth taking to a quiet space whenever a new Dobie track arrives.

The newly released single Drowning features the classic embrace of synth and intense rhythm for a four-chord backdrop that’s calmly immersive. What helps set the whole thing apart are a few creative details, such as programmed horn, keys, and indeed that leading voice from Xavier.

Vocally unusual in its accessible, up-front and guy-next-door kind of tone, Drowning arranges the EDM build-up and drop in a decidedly fresh manner. The half-way mark sees the instrumental dance track take the reigns entirely for a while, and it stands tall in and of itself without the aid of lyrics.

Then the voice returns, the unmistakable sound of Xavier Clayton, and suddenly we’re back in this eighties dance-pop realm of intimacy and poetry, with a clearly human core to the delivery and the natural emotion of it all.

An interesting release, blending genres and opting for a somewhat more authentic performance than most EDM tracks of late. Dobie never fails to mix things up.

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Rebecca Cullen

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