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DOBIE Behind The Wheel (Depeche Mode Bootleg Remix)


Dobie strikes from a slightly different angle for this latest, minimalist house remix of Depeche Mode. The minimalism is the key, the essence of the music is maintained by the space, the simple gathering of elements, the clear cut rhythm and riffs. The leading voice rides on top of the beat here in a classic 80’s manner, though as things progress, the more familiar side of Dobie’s creative reach begins to show itself. The shiver-inducing lightness of the synths fills the gaps between verses beautifully, still holding close to that simple set-up, but offering more than enough colour and detail to make this a captivating journey.

Production wise you really start to notice the difference between those who rush a release and those who take the time to fine tune every moment. The beat here sounds superb, the entire soundscape does, but the beat has found itself marching perfectly between intensity and translucency. It’s not overly crisp, it’s not heavy, but it drives the heart of the track in a precise and fitting manner. As the track continues the details gather in a familiar way, making for something that feels much more like a mainstream release than the usual, freely wandering, forever evolving EDM piece might.

I’m a fan – this is different, but it works. It’s refreshing to hear something a little left of the expected. The remix effectively offers both nostalgia and the birth of something new. It also presents listeners with a welcome reminder of the classic Depeche Mode approach to music and performance, the likes of which just aren’t found all that often in modern music. There’s a sense of seductive drama to it all, the essence of which Dobie has captured pretty perfectly.

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