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Dobie Ballade Pour


This latest offering under the Dobie Records label is a crisp and hypnotic fusion of classic trance music and creative pop songwriting. The track has power and an intense level of energy, yet the soundscape behind the beat and behind the passion of the leading vocal is a notably dreamlike and calming sort of ambiance. It’s a brilliant meeting of styles and sounds and the song develops and evolves in a captivating way.

The story told by the track is compelling, and it’s told not just by the lyrics, the literal story within the lines, the questioning and reflective nature of the words, but also by the music itself – the structure of the whole piece, the various sections, the increasing intensity, the moments of calm preceded my moments of manic energy. The very feeling classic trance was known to give listeners back in the day has been creatively and professionally crafted here so as to give audiences that exact same feeling of thrill and nostalgia. You can turn the track up and lose yourself in the overwhelming waves of audio. And on second listen, or even third or fourth, you can really take on board those lyrics and that spoken word style delivery.

When you embark upon the extended mix of the song the experience is greatly heightened. Again, the only way to truly feel the music is to listen loud. Once you feel it there’s likely to be an influx of memories and uplifting, inspiring energy that it’s difficult to ignore. The track progresses from the ambient and thoughtful to the full on and all encompassing. As the beat drops back in and the leading vocal erupts into a passionate and powerful melody, the whole thing enters a brand new realm entirely, and it’s insanely impressive to witness. Well worth checking out.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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