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Djo Life Like Clockwork


The Djo Life sound is the sort you can turn to just about any time your day needs an extra splash of brightness. In the case of this latest single, the music is immediately recognizable as Djo Life – the voice and the acoustic aura, the uplifting energy of it. Soon enough though the song, as always, veers off down the route of some totally new story-line. This fusion of familiarity and intrigue generally works well in holding tight to a listener’s attention.

Like Clockwork is a song that reaches out to the neighborly side of us all from the offset, those inappropriately noisy associates we all experience from time to time. The joyful way in which Djo Life has presented this initial concept makes you feel better about your own resentment in some ways, it’s a minor issue but addressing it makes you feel a sense of togetherness, which is always a lovely thing to get from music.

After this, the story line continues, the observational songwriting throws in a number of different instances – the second of which leans more in the direction of adoration, appreciation. From the quirky or nonchalant delivery of the two verse parts, to the concept of not knowing what you’d do without that certain moment or that certain someone, it really lights up the personal side of the writing – the intimate honesty that again helps the whole thing connect. This method of going back and forth between the seemingly trivial and the ultimately deep and reflective continues throughout. The final section of the song, however, breaks the cycle, resolving to appreciate those little things – gratitude is everything, and that seems to be what the song is about, at its core. Bringing together the acoustic folk sound and something of a more retro electronic flair, Like Clockwork is heartfelt and hopeful, colourful and optimistic, as is the Djo Life way.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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