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DJ Williams By Way Of RVA EP + 26 Date Summer Tour


Electric guitarist and classic rock performer DJ Williams recently launched the explosive and timelessly smooth new rock EP By Way Of RVA. The established creative has become renowned for his dazzling stage presence, and now backs up that live energy and skill with a fine collection of anthemic indie gems.

Firing things up is the fast-paced earworm Fade Away. We’re introduced to a timeless style, distantly mixed vocals and distinct but humble vocals, a style leaning somewhat towards the likes of Lenny Kravitz in both tone and playing style. Power chords and the crash of live drums back up a devoted delivery of resounding lyrics ‘Welcome to my life’ and a sensational guitar solo. The energy intensifies, the track gathers explosive momentum, and the true rock fan is locked into the experience.

Burning Ash follows and the value of a strong riff stands tall. We’re now into falsetto vocals but no less of an anthemic rhythm and hook, with more of that electric guitar fire-power and nostalgically poetic lyrical metaphors that inspire and connect.

By Way Of RVA mellows things out, versatility proving essential and well-established, a classic Hip Hop-style beat and dreamy guitars carving out an ethereal realm. Then we move into the creatively colourful alternative rock treasure Mr. Nobody. Here we get the best of everything – a quirky riff, equally quirky long-form vocals, and a story that captivates.

The six-track project also includes a uniquely engaging cover of the infamous Nirvana hit Heart Shaped Box. DJ Williams takes his time to master the space, offering a sort of lo-fi, trip-hop and trap-style production, with humble, quietly mixed vocals just lightly relaying the unforgettable melody and song. This is perhaps one of the most unorthodox and simultaneously refreshing takes on the grunge band’s sound, and showcases a hint of Jazz that again highlights the versatility of DJ Williams.

Wrapping things up is the more lo-fi chilled vibe of Turn Of Events. This project in full begins with fire and passion, later smoothing that out with a soothing redirection, but never with any less of the clear vocal character and identity of DJ Williams. This closing track has a hint of reggae to its delivery, and marks a final reminder of the prowess and creativity currently charming audiences at 26 different venues – William’s solo summer tour kicked off on May 3rd.

Visit DJ Williams’ Website for dates & info or follow him on Instagram.

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