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DJ Crillo Friday (Feat. Jocelyn Mathieu & OLC)


Expect unbelievably smooth vibes on this collaborative release from DJ Crillo. The sound of the nineties returns, hopeful RnB melodies pour through and simple story-telling lays out a scene. Things aren’t purely vintage though, mixed in with the nostalgia is a notably fresh, colourful beat. The musical backdrop to this track has been built with several layers of partly organic make-up – the horn sound, the riffs, the chord progression; you can visualize a live band performance and it feels somewhat jazz and funk-like.

The further you get into the song, the more the vibes affect you in a positive way. The release has been structured so as to keep you interested and entertained throughout. This can either be the backdrop to your drive home or certain moments in your day, or it can be the song you turn to when you need to feel that good energy before heading out for the end of the week celebration. The more you hear that scratched track kicking up, the closer you get to the central energy. The melody and the instrumentation are fairly simple natured but undoubtedly effective and easy to enjoy.

Structural strengths are primarily shown in the vocal changes – the opening melody switches to a more rhythmic and harder hitting performance, then you get a classic rap delivery with a totally retro style; one that’s again nostalgic and comforting to have fill the room.

There’s a laid back aura to the whole thing that lets you settle in and forget the rat race for a while. Every artist involved puts in the perfect kind of energy and perspective to keep the track moving and to hold on to that underlying sentiment and the general groove of the completed piece. You don’t get too many tracks of this nature these days but hopefully the sound is making a comeback. An easy must for the playlist.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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