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Distorted Evidence of Distortion (D-E-D) These Ships


Distorted Evidence of Distortion (D – E – D) offer a uniquely complex, multi-layered and endlessly colourful approach to musical expression; this latest single being the perfect example. The soundscape sees various details and moments intertwine in a chaotic and fast-paced manner, however, what really stands out about it, is that each time you listen – you seem able to control which element within shines the brightest or drives the process.

The fullness of the sound means that it surrounds you in the way that a naturally busy atmosphere would, numerous details meeting in one place and creating an unexpected calmness in doing so. This is where your thoughts run free, your mind wanders at the rhythm of whichever beat it picks up. So the first time you listen, maybe the vocal melody carries you along, and the second time – maybe it’s those distant synth notes. There seem to be an unlimited number of ways to experience the song, and in any case – you’re likely to notice and appreciate the depth of the musical ability and the sheer artistry of the whole journey.

These Ships is a song that feels all at once familiar and unknown. There’s a slightly Depeche Mode feel to the warmth of it, but at the same time, there’s something far more indie-rock or even punk-pop about the vocal clarity and the energy. The leading voice has a very distinctive sound, and the song’s melody evolves in a powerful way – the lyrics too, these stand taller with each new listen. The song becomes more enjoyable and perhaps more effective each and every time it reappears in your playlist. There’s something notably unique and incredibly emotional about the music of D – E – D.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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