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Dirty Backseat Mind Games


Dirty Backseat take listeners on a mildly psychedelic journey with this incredibly entrancing and rather retro approach to instrumental electronica. A superb rhythm section and a thick and fuzz-soaked bass-line lead the way, creating a sense of calm in unison with one of pace and power.

The progression is fast, the effect of the evolving soundscape actually makes everything seem as if it’s moving faster and faster – as if you’re falling down the rabbit hole as the music grows louder and more immersive; drowning out the rest of the world. The beauty of this is that it ties in with the song’s sentiment, with wonderful artistry – the very concept of the piece is at work, these mind games; brief vocal fragments whisper the ideas to you as the experience begins, and from there on in you’re along for the ride until it’s over.

The best way to listen to this release is at volume, perhaps even alone the very first time. Of course, there’s also an element of togetherness to the track – these are the sort of alternative rhythms you used to find in the clubs at the dawn of the genre. Not as hard-hitting as drum and bass, but weighty and warm, with a hint of darkness – not unlike original techno or house music. In this case, it’s the strength of that bass-line, that thick riff pulsating throughout – this is what you notice, what you take away with you after listening; what you ultimately miss when the silence comes crashing in.

Rather than this release seeing the duo bend over backwards to create something attention grabbing and bizarre, it sees them create from a place of sheer passion and connection to the art form. For this reason, and all of the above, Mind Games is an easy hit – a must for electronic music fans far and wide.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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