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Dinero Peezy Richwave


Dinero Peezy offers a stylish teaser for his upcoming EP with the brilliantly colourful and eclectic Richwave. The track introduces a refreshingly creative beat that lays out a smooth jam loaded with organic and electronic flickers of light throughout. On top of this come the two leading vocals, verses that create an entrancing rhythm that builds well on the pace of the beat, and a hook that does the same and helps the track evolve into a quickly memorable anthem for alternative or musically free hip hop fans.

Richwave is a great track, one that stands out among the current landscape for its musicality and for the bare presentation of those voices. This isn’t a simple beat, and these voices aren’t soaked in effects or designed to sound like anything or anyone else. You get a genuine air of character from the track, and the vibe underneath that is one of optimism and positivity – there’s a sense of empowerment, of drive, determination, and possibility. It’s subtle but it works, and at the same time – this partly funky soundscape leads you confidently towards the spring and summer months by providing the warmth and vibrancy required to get you back out and getting things done.

There’s a fair balance between rap and melody on this track, and the vocals throughout seem well-rooted in the song’s concept and overall mood. Richwave manages to fill the room with brightness and an easily enjoyable groove, as well as introducing Dinero Peezy as an artist with a natural  connection to and love for the art form; and for this particular fusion of genres. The performance and the music alike speak volumes for what’s to come.

The longer project DINEROVIZZIONZ will drop on March 31st – make sure to tune into via the socials to stay in the loop. Find & follow Dinero Peezy on Soundcloud, Twitter & Instagram.

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