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diet black Lost


Leading with authenticity of topic and pouring her truth into the process, artist and songwriter diet black delivers a series of contemporary alt-pop originals – the likes of which delve into the workings of the mind in an emotive and dreamy fashion.

As an introduction to the style, Lost brings together trap rhythms and warped synths alongside a delicate emo-style vocal for a shoegaze-esque realm of reverb-kissed reflection.

Ultimately the lyrics give the track its purpose, but the overall mood of the music suits this intention – diet black sets the mood for connection, calls out for longing, and in the process showcases vulnerability and meets the gaze of those who feel similarly Lost.

Far from a one-trick pony, diet black’s releases to date cover a variety of rhythm and styles. Attachment Issues as an example leans towards indie-pop with layers of guitar and a faster-paced, organic drum-line from producer milamoon. The vocal is brighter, quicker, the sound more optimistic yet the topic still uncertain. All in all, despite eclecticism, the diet black voice proves recognisable in both lyric and tone.

Furthering that versatility of sound is Roblox Luv Song – an immediately heavy bass and beat pairing, a grittier vocal-lead and a rap verse of upfront confidence and carefree lyrical character.

The track veers off towards the escapism of gaming and showcases a more immersive, laid-back bounce of a moment. A catchy hook is offered, and ultimately this one presents another side to the artist yet still manages to maintain the home-made reality and identity of the voice.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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