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Diego Borrero is a musician who was born in Cali, Colombia, and his music has taken him to many parts of the world; his experiences of which are creatively expressed throughout his songwriting. Ahorabox is a collection of songs written over several years of travelling and performing.

From the very first listen, the vibe and the mood created by the songs has a very positive feel to it; the music is smooth, optimistic and uplifting, in a gentle and easy to listen to manner. The lyrics are very poetic, even when translated to English; the language maintains it’s powerful and unique imagery, a real streak of originality and intrigue;

“It was the river that brought me here,
A word that convinced me,
A simple song that devoured me..” (The River)

Musically as well, the artist has so much to offer. The piano work on Veintiocho is stunning, the creativity really shines though with some completely fresh and unexpected chords progressions; it’s peacefully chaotic in it’s expression, and it creates the kind of mood that is difficult to pinpoint, but that feels emotional and real – a great quality, really powerful to listen to.

The variation between the tracks is exemplary, even though there is that consistent thread throughout, that unique sound that is specific to this artist; the variety of music between the songs is brilliant. Ahora is a sort of pop-rock track, with fantastic drums, guitars, riffs and melodies – a really great song, and a nice step up in mood, just at the right time.

Desde un Avion Azul  has a similar vibe – an acoustic rock-like feel to it, very real, almost live sounding. Intriguing lyrics again, head over to the official website to see them in full. On the whole, from start to finish, it’s a really lively and creative collection of songs. They were written and released over the past 11 years, and are thus infused with Diego Borrero’s experiences of living and performing in Paris, from 2001 to 2006, as well as later in Washington DC, from 2006 to 2014. A well traveled and experienced artist, and it shows in the music; an eclectic mix of songs with some really compelling lyrics. Definitely worth a listen.

Diego Borrero’s debut album will be released in May this year. Keep track of the music by following him on Facebook & Twitter – stay involved and look out for gigs and new releases. You can also visit the Diego Borrero Website to find out more.

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