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Dice Slimberg Doomsday Clock


Classic hip hop, complete with a clean-cut vocal line and a lightly organic, tripped-up beat to drive things through in a nostalgic fashion – Dice Slimberg tells his story with style and authenticity combined.

Doomsday Clock strikes with a somewhat vintage set-up – a two-chord keys progression, a hi-hat-focused drum-line, warming bass-work. Then we get Slimberg’s vocal tone and passionate delivery, injecting a level of intention, integrity and humanity into the process, and effectively meandering between conscious conversations and personal anecdotes alike.

While there’s a sense of something serious in the undertones of the writing and concept, plenty of the bars focus purely on writing for fun – laying out quirky imagery and keeping things entertaining every step of the way. This is particularly true during the final verse, after which the track quite abruptly meets its end – another clever technique that quickly prompts you to replay.

Not even reaching the three-minute-mark, Doomsday Clock strikes with humble musical impact and personal confidence in one fell swoop. The opening bars drive with motivational energy, optimism and self-belief, as well as an essential touch of realism and truth. Nothing is sugar-coated, hardship is openly referenced.

The whole thing strikes like a freestyle would but maintains a level of subtle relevance to itself right the way through. Meanwhile that musicality leaves its mark, making sure you’ll recognize the sound and style with ease next time it pours through the speakers.

A refreshing style, intelligently crafted – hopefully there’s plenty more music to come.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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