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Diana Prime Narcissist


Melodically alluring from the opening simplicity of a rise and fall riff and intimate vocals, Diana Prime delivers a relentlessly catchy yet moving, deeply honest single, for the creative and brilliantly engaging Narcissist.

Progressing in classic pop fashion but ultimately standing tall on the strength of its unpredictable creative twists, Narcissist evolves from minimal beginnings to the power and uplift of a scornful, passionate and powerful hook.

The lyrics feel authentically original in this respect, and Diana as a vocalist more than meets the high bar set by these, and by the melodic movement from subtle to intense.

The chorus for Narcissist is brilliant, the production elevates an already infectious two-note outburst that repeats and envelops, with additional vocal layers in the distance for a clear sense of fullness and resolve. All of a sudden we’re in a nineties soul-pop realm, only with a clear thread of contemporary sound-design, and respectably clean vocals that keep the sense of artist and identity at the forefront.

Topically relevant amidst the age of social media, Narcissist takes pop to the next level in a clever and memorable way. Really nicely done.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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