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Deu Loved You So


Songwriter and pianist Deu gets unapologetically personal on this latest single, pouring her story into the process with absolute honesty, detail and passion.

Loved You So takes your breath away a little at first – what appears as a mellow and spacious piano-led ballad soon shows itself to be an immense offering of adoration and bitterness intertwined. The realness is extreme but you quickly come to appreciate and connect with the song because of this. Deu holds nothing back, and this is where true art really starts to make waves – it intrigues, it captivates. In this case – it touches on those aspects of love and relationships that are less pleasant but still all too common in real life.

The very idea of Loved You So is that of conflict or contrast – the verses deal with turmoil and anger, they drive with cursing and resentment, whereas the hook resolves and juxtaposes this in a mighty way; with the sheer, inescapable power of love and the control it can have over us.

Deu does well to capture your attention within the first few lines, and as the song evolves you see the passion and the weight of the writing grow all the more intense. It’s a brilliant song and very easy (and worthwhile) to listen to more than just the one time.

At its core, this is indeed an alternative, melancholy ballad – a light beat and a soulful, emotionally compelling vocal lead the way. In reality though, there’s far more to it than the simple audio building blocks imply. The lyrics feel like a reading of an intimate letter, not meant for a wider audience but rather a significant other – or even to the self, a means of or attempt at moving forwards. For all of these reasons, you can’t help but listen, and fortunately the whole thing has been quite masterfully crafted so as to hold on to that interest throughout. I look forward to hearing more.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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