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Derek Lai Blankets


Derek Lai takes a clear level of care when crafting original songs, this latest release being a fine example of that. Skillfully balancing professionalism with genuine emotion, Blankets is a softly seductive pop song with a partly organic backdrop and a quickly uplifting rhythm.

Blankets builds up fairly slowly and maintains a mellow energy level for the most part – Lai’s accessible voice leads the way through intimate and personal ideas, setting the scene well but also making sure to remain vague enough that the song can become relevant to anyone and everyone who hears it.

Though there’s limited range in terms of the melodic changes on the track, this generally suits the smooth progression of the soundscape and the overall mellow mood of the finished piece. It’s an easy song to like, the beat keeps things moving while a select few intricacies add familiarity and something for singers and organic music fans alike to cling to.

The guitar solos offer a subtle hint of blues swagger that fills the gaps between vocals really well. Lai allows the natural groove of the track to work its magic, changing the pace accordingly and offering a hint of falsetto for dynamic and to reinforce that hook – which, ultimately, makes for a subtle ear-worm of a moment.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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