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Denkmensch UV Ceti


From the creative composer behind the powerful project Travel To Star, UV Ceti delivers a multi-layered electronic dreamland – complete with engaging layers of synths, a mellow yet relentless, distant drum-line, and contrasting elements of both high and low tones to wholly envelop listeners.

In amidst the weight and embrace of the composition, a few significant riffs stand out for their siren-like repetition – these loops of hypnotic melody, simple yet satisfying. And underneath this, an entire story and journey is told with alternative melody – this meandering, gentle and light-sounding synth solo, which makes its way through various ups and downs.

Utilizing the very best in retro electronic sound-play, yet also showcasing a clear ear for melody and mood – UV Ceti makes for a stunning example of the best of Denkmensh’s work. There’s an addictive quality to these riffs and details that rain down all around – the track could quite easily be a hit of late-night EDM escapism, or ambient, thought-provoking trip hop. Yet as well as being all of this, it’s a fascinating, mesmerizing composition and story in itself, and these qualities combined are a huge part of what makes Denkmensh’ sound his own.

If you’re looking to further explore the artist’s best abilities and soundscapes, From Luytens star to Wolf 359 is an entirely different kind of piece – beautifully emotive from the offset, melancholic and heart breaking during the fall, uplifting and warm during the rise. There’s a gut-wrenching sense of humanity to the progression, and the gradual increase in passion and power – it connects in a completely new way, and still manages to call upon those individual traits and production details that subtly make up the Denkmensch catalogue.

A producer and composer like no other. Well worth the time it takes to listen.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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