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DenkMensch BWV 999 Prelude


Forever pushing the creative boundaries of electronic music production, DenkMensch takes on the melody and vastness of Bach, with this classical reinvention that is BWV 999 Prelude.

Coming in at just one minute forty, there’s an ethereal and enchanting presence to this release that grips you from the outset. Cascading keys of retro tones and part familiarity part experimentation unite to wash over in one brief yet fading wave of feeling.

Rather than building up towards a climactic finish, the song begins with multi-layered fullness and mild electronic sound-play, and ultimately evolves towards the original simplicity of solo piano.

The opening synths have a classic sci-fi aura to them, often a DenkMensch calling card, and these support and enhance the timeless melodic journey in a way that’s quick to lure you in.

Slowly but surely, the intensity falls back further still, until the wandering of the mind leaves you with stillness, a subtle echo of a tune, and the time to simply contemplate what was.

Emerging as a fine indication of creative pursuits to come, BWV 999 Prelude marks the beginning of a series of classical interpretations that will be released by DenkMensch throughout the remaining six months of the year.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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