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Delmont Young And Vicious


Delmont are a rock band you’ll wish you’d stumbled upon a long time ago. As an introduction, Young And Vicious is stunning – the perfect starting point but absolutely just one of a whole host of incredible songs.

Delmont lead with an impeccable balance between skill and passion. Young And Vicious is superbly well performed, that leading voice and the guitar work, the drum-line, the unity between everything – there’s a classic rock aura from the offset and this refuses to let up right the way through. You quickly crave a live show from the band, nostalgia and fresh songwriting intertwine to immense results.

In the same instance, the songwriting and the musicianship is flawless. You get a sense that the band have been doing this for years, doing nothing but this – honing their skills, building a level of oneness, writing and performing with absolute emotion and purpose; the perfect contenders for a lasting and respectable role within modern music. It’s refreshing to listen to, the song is intriguing and quickly memorable, but it also quite easily appears as something of a slept-on classic – after a single run-through you feel as if you’ve known it for decades. These qualities are undeniably rare at present, and fortunately they run throughout the band’s catalogue to date. Whether the moment requires delicacy or weight and pace, the band delivery with natural ease and ability.

Young And Vicious is a mighty anthem of a rock track, recommended at volume and well worth more than a few plays throughout the coming months. I look forward to the Delmont UK visit.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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