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DeepSystem Born 2 Love You


Born 2 Love You is essentially a catchy pop song and an ambient dance track all in one. The soundscape is beautiful, lightly uplifting, calming or energizing depending on your own mood or what you hope to get from it. The ambiance and backdrop to the lyricism and melody would actually make for an enjoyable experience in itself – that’s not to take anything away from the vocal part, far from it, it’s just a well deserved appreciation of the fact that the music has been brilliantly and creatively produced. The added benefit in this case is that the artist has written a song alongside of the music, one that works effectively in unison with it, and the result falls in line with similar recent summer hits that have swept through the online world. It works, it’s hugely appealing at the moment, and it makes for a moment of warmth and positive energy as the winter starts to settle in.

DeepSystem as an artist name conjures up a certain level of expectation. Those of us who are fans of classic house or psy-trance or any ambient and vibrant sub-genre of EDM will likely be drawn in by the title and artwork alone (an important reminder of how effective it can be to have the right – appropriate, appealing – visuals or image to go with your music). In this case those expectations are met, the production is of a wonderfully high caliber. The pop song element of it is something that will help the release reach out and connect with a wider audience, drawing in listeners from the pop world in addition to those who simply revel in instrumental bliss. Born 2 Love You is a well crafted track that sounds great in any number of situations.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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