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Deeplosax Summer Feeling


Germany’s Deeplosax delves into music and sound-design with a fine balance between skill and unquestionable passion. The results speak volumes, and his latest single Summer Feeling makes for a beautiful introduction to his work.

Featuring sublime vocals from Frances Cole, Summer Feelings extends its soulful grasp with humanity and instrumental melodies intertwined. The summer energy rises and rises, the increasing layers of bass and rhythm slowly but surely creating a dreamlike, euphoric space; within which listeners can truly let go of their troubles.

Coming in at just under the seven minute mark, Summer Feeling reignites the progressive house and electronic dance music experience of a simpler era – no time limit, no industry standard or superficial need to fit into the radio-friendly realm. As a producer, Deeplosax more than makes up the skill and intricacy required for a journey like this to hold appeal.

Beautifully immersive, warming for its synth choices and the compression of the beat, the softness and depth, the track builds up faultlessly. A breathy interlude or middle-8 leans towards the trip hop acts of the noughties, simple and seductive, right before that now familiar bass, synth and drum arrangement kicks back in for a powerful uplift.

Subtle in its recognisable air of character, but effective enough to keep you coming back for more. And this is far from the start of his catalogue. Originally a Twitch streamer, who fell into music due to an unexpected copyright issue, Deeplosax showcases a mighty level of commitment to the moment, and as a result the music allows that same degree of embrace and hypnotic focus for its listeners.

Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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