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DeeCiii Baby Enter


DeeCiii leads with a laid-back sense of rhythm and optimism on this latest single, offering up the blissful good vibes of a delicately crafted soundscape, along with a string of calming vocals and a clear sense of intention and character.

Baby Enter is an enjoyable alternative pop track from a distance, the ambiance can be either calming or uplifting – depending on what you need from it in the moment – and these are likable qualities in themselves. As the song progresses though, the original intrigue of the title grows a little stronger. By the final verse, you’re following these words along intently, and there seems to be a level of creative thought to DeeCiii’s writing style and the way he presents his personality and his truth.

All in all, Baby Enter is a fine new single to enjoy, the summer vibes shine brightly – but not in an overly energetic or multi-layered manner. While there are various synths and sounds at work, the result is something fairly minimalist – you can focus on the unique sound of this voice, the calm confidence with which it pours through, and the strength of these riffs and melodies as they rain down around you. A strong introduction to an artist with a definite level of identity and purpose to his music.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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