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DeadEyeChokeHold Rabbit Hole


DeadEyeChokeHold leads with one of his most entrancing riffs yet on this hauntingly ambient acoustic rock offering Rabbit Hole. The track immerses you in darkness and a mellow sense of movement as it pours through. Those vocals shine beautifully as ever, leaning heavily towards soul-rock but never stepping away from the central energy and struggle of the song itself.

There are three distinct sections to this track and all of them work well to keep you engrossed and involved in the moment until the end. The bulk of this effect is that voice, it’s one that never grows tiresome – the sort of raspy yet deep and hypnotic vocal you only stumble upon once or twice in a decade. On this particular release, DeadEyeChokeHold leads you through this entire journey with his performance, accompanied of course and supported by a gorgeously creative soundscape, but again it’s one that cleverly reflects the changing sentiments and the varied levels of passion presented by the voice.

As the lyrics evolve, the performance intensifies and subsequently falls away, and this progression from the lows to the highs and back is what gives the song this snake-like quality as it slowly surrounds you. Or in fact, perhaps more accurately, creates this sense of falling further and further down the rabbit hole.

The final touches on the single help really exemplify each turning point, little dashes of artistry build on the strength of that delivery and on the deeply poetic reflections that make up the lyrics. Just about every line offers something metaphorically fascinating that stops you in your tracks a little – the sort of writing you want to skip back over and reconsider.

Will I ever be old, inside this rabbit hole – you’re losing control. 

This web you keep on spinning, makes me feel like I’m winning. 

This is almost certainly one of the most captivating releases as yet from DeadEyeChokeHold, but it feels like that’s something worth saying with each new piece that emerges. The entire catalogue to date is well worth exploring – the music fuses elements of rock and electronic rock with soulful singing and even flickers of hip hop. And all the while the lyrics continue to explore the deeper realms of human thought and existence, and every time – that voice presents it with an authentic balance between delicacy and grit. A stand out artist and I can’t wait to hear what else 2019 brings through.

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Rebecca Cullen

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