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Mrs.Jones has long been a personal favourite from this artist and I’m overjoyed at the opportunity to help properly spread the word about it prior to an upcoming, official release.

This is, quite simply, a stunning piece of music and performance – a basic set-up sees nothing but a concept, a voice and a guitar paint the experience around you. Lashings of reverb help give a distant and somewhat classic feel, but what really sets the whole thing apart is the switch to the weight of the hook from the softness of the verses – and this is presented purely by the performance; the honest vocal that sees the singer pour his very soul into the moment. It makes the song connect in a profound manner – the notes chosen and this moment of resolve being so melancholic and trapped in longing is easy to relate to, and to feel as if it’s all completely relevant to you.

From a lyrical standpoint, the song introduces a story specific to the central character or singer – there’s an element of unknown to it all, but it’s generally just the name the implies this; everything else has a certain accessible vagueness that’s easy to attach yourself to. The first instance in which the vocal shoots for the sky – I’m going home – is a powerful moment, and it feels as if it was made purely for you.

The second verse veers off in a slightly more personal direction again – a few distinctive details emerge, but still this never oversteps the mark; never leaves you feeling as if you’re missing a crucial part of the puzzle. On the contrary, the mystery and the intrigue are subtle enough to entrance you as the song plays. The non-blatant nature of the writing is blissfully refreshing – this is not pop, it’s not clear-cut or over-explained so that everyone can easily understand it. It’s just writing and expression as it naturally happened. It’s almost like stumbling upon an excerpt from a diary, one that seems as if it could’ve been written by someone who’s very similar to you in terms of emotions and thought patterns.

Perhaps one of the reasons I love this so much is that it reminds me slightly of Bother, by Stone Sour. DeadEyeChokeHold offers an equally captivating, passionate leading voice that follows Corey’s lead with grace and power. It’s been a while since a song like this emerged with nothing but its own raging intensity and fire to capture an audience’s attention and affection. A few similarly soulful rock offerings have surfaced this year and it seems that 2019 could well be a positive turning point for modern music. If that should be the case, one thing that’s for certain is that DeadEyeChokeHold will be at the forefront of that evolution – particularly if this same level of involvement, dedication and purity continues.

Download or stream Mrs.Jones here.

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