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DeadEyeChokeHold Enemy Inside Me


Personal turmoil or reflections on the darker side of life have long been a crucial muse in hard rock writing and indeed in the music of DeadEyeChokeHold. This particular release is one that cleverly hints at a certain struggle or battle, within the self, but leaves just enough to the imagination that those feeling isolated or alone – i.e., those perhaps more likely to turn to music of this nature for understanding or escapism – will be able to connect and relate to the words and the intensity of the music in their own unique way.

The leading voice throughout this track encompasses the very emotions of the lyrics incredibly well – the verses are enough to fuse melody and grit with that unmistakable DeadEyeChokeHold tone, then you get the drop into the weight and scream of the hook, and the whole thing just pours emotion and volume into the room in a manner that effectively relieves you of your stresses for a while – releases you from the grip of uncertainty.

Starting things off is a quickly appealing and satisfying, distorted guitar riff – heavy and unique enough to reignite the genre hard rock fans have loved and perhaps missed for several years. With the recent and welcomed return of legendary bands such as Slipknot, and on the softer side, Sum 41, Blink, we’re reminded more than ever that simply thrashing a guitar is nowhere near as effective and engaging as crafting something that kicks in with vigour and intention – is memorable, musically impressive, and brilliantly sets the mood and reflects the underlying sentiments of the song. In this case, DeadEyeChokeHold has incorporated the perfect guitar layer, one that rises and falls like a manically beating heart, as well as meandering expressively in line with the varying energy of the vocal and the drums. That main riff is superb and leaves as much of an impression as the song’s hook and the singer’s vocal.

The instrumental break at just past the one minute mark makes a world of a difference, letting the music lay out a few moments of artistry and a pause from lyricism – a few seconds to reflect on the rising intensity and monologue that came before. Coming in at just two minutes and seventeen seconds, the track hits you hard and undoubtedly leaves a mark. Perhaps there was room for a bridge or a further change in direction towards the end, but that quiet pause half way through undoubtedly utilizes contrast well enough to let the second half come through in a more familiar and immersive way.

Another step in the right direction for modern rock, and yet another hit of creative individuality and musical realness from DeadEyeChokeHold.

Download or stream Enemy Inside Me here. Find & follow DeadEyeChokeHold via the 3 Mind Blight Label on Facebook & Twitter. Check out more of the best indie releases via our 2019 rock playlist.

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