A refreshingly crisp and theatrical, intentional full-length project, DEAD RAPPER CLUB offers up uniquely creative, heavy soundscapes, and complex production details – not to mention captivating bars and unquestionable character.

There’s an immediate level of authority and skill to the project as BABY STROLLER pours through the speakers, and the act refuses to lower the bar from here on in.

The details are everything here – the original nature of the story-telling, the clever use of metaphors and imagery, the additional vocal flickers and sound effects – all of this, on top of a series of engaging, entertaining beats, helps make this a striking and impossible to ignore hip hop project for 2020.

Sixteen tracks deep and not a hint of filler, DEAD RAPPER CLUB take their time to craft absolute classics. High energy and smart rhymes join forces with faultless flows and unwavering confidence – FUCK the TIMBERS a fine example, and a defiant early highlight. So many sharp references that it takes a few listens to really grasp every comment and idea. Brilliant writing, gritty and intelligent, holding attention with ease from start to finish.

This is entertainment, in short. Creative music, a performance through and through, far from self-indulgent but still self-impressed enough to lead with strength and stand tall on its own natural reign over complexity. Even their voices sound good, clean-cut and stylish, refreshing and easy to recognise once you’ve heard the sound.

Style-wise there’s a hint of the likes of Spooks, Outkast, Wu-Tang, Cypress Hill – DEAD RAPPER CLUB know their history yet pave their own way amidst this. Every track offers something fresh, and the playlist in full is an easy one to turn up loud and let run thanks to superb production and compelling, interesting performances throughout.

There are also more than a few well-placed breaks and interludes on this playlist, not least of all the central jazz and considerate monologue NO HOOKS, which is followed poignantly by the beautifully compelling and soulful SUICIDE – another clear highlight. Not merely here to offer the fun side of hip hop, there’s a conceptual depth and emotive realness to much of the writing, and the balance between these two extremes works well to help create a genuine connection between artist and audience.

BIPOLAR and WORMWOOD make for powerful highlights during the latter half, getting the balance right once again between depth and lightness. And things come to a close with the boldly cinematic, industrial tones and heavy darkness of MAKE THE WORLD STOP. Still soaring high with those intelligent bars and long-form story-telling progressions that beg for you to listen in isolation – this EP happens to arrive at the perfect time.

A collection of a great hip hop tracks, with more than a few insanely good moments. Well worth knowing about.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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