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Daxuva & Nina Miranda Exist


Daxuva and Nina Miranda have joined forces for an upcoming album. Exist is the second single from that project, and it’s a beauty. The song takes a delicately artistic approach to musical expression, presenting audiences with a light and primarily organic soundscape that somehow still leans in something of an electronic or jazz-cafe direction.

On top of the musical strength of the ambiance in itself, the vocal melodies and the skill and softness with which they are delivered make for a totally immersive and emotional listening journey. The song seems to bring together elements of various genres and even cultures, this multi-layered, multi-language exploration of audio flows out around you like a dream sequence.

There are some definite threads of familiarity that you quickly acclimatize to, but it doesn’t feel like a classic pop gathering – the verse-chorus-verse-chorus mentality is carefully hidden by the overall warmth and uplifting energy of the piece as it moves along. This, among everything else, gives Exist a gorgeously unique an original sound.

The song’s title feeds in to the aura of the music so well, you feel this sense of well being as you listen to it at volume, the music fills the space around you in a manner that calmly but certainly brings a feeling of living in the moment; almost meditating in some ways. The vocals are stunning at every step – the more they gather and intertwine, the more hypnotic the experience becomes. These minimal, few select lyrics have an equally entrancing effect, particularly in the way they’re almost whispered to you. The song’s hook is superb, so simple yet wonderful, powerful in a similar style to the likes of Sweet Disposition, but without the chaos and the pace.

The more I hear this, the more I enjoy it. A wonderfully refreshing new song that follows its own rules and works a certain kind of magic in the process.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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