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Daxton Daxton Monaghan / In Verses


Daxton’s latest album marks a pretty big moment for this year’s music releases. Bringing together the big band sound of classic alt-rock and Americana, as well as these distinctly melodic songs and softly soulful performances, I Don’t Mind opens the project up and immediately shines with addictive brightness. The higher note flickers at the end of each line work beautifully among the distorted energy of the soundscape. The leading vocal too, offers something slightly nostalgic and incredibly passionate. You get a sense of this being a long lost classic collection from a simpler time, though every melody is totally new, as are the story-lines that accompany them. Daxton has a way with songwriting that stands tall throughout the album.

Following the opener, Strange Little Creatures creates a more seductive and smooth vibe – a Chris Isaak sort of mood. A few dashes of European-style guitar light up the outer edges of a softly compelling song that really emerges in stark contrast with what came before. By now you’re accustomed to Daxton’s voice, his tone, his way with words, so the eclecticism is simply an added benefit and a further indication of his skill and strengths as a musician.

Elsewhere on the album, the vibe settles out a little – always things appear fresh and exciting and interesting, but as time goes by you grow comfortable among the playlist and are likely to take to it as a totally refreshing collection that would accompany any long journey in a beautiful way. The style of these melodies has something subtly unique about it, and on top of this, you can hear the authenticity of the music – you get a clear idea of what a live show would entail, and it’s something well worth being on the lookout for.

Download the album In Verses via iTunes or stream it on Spotify. Find & follow Daxton on Facebook & Twitter.

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