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DavidPineapples Confession Collection


Indie pop colours and warmth meet with a subtle edge of rock for this organic and uniquely live-sounding collection from Canada’s DavidPineapples.

Introducing Confession Collection is a quickly anthem-like Number One Girl, bursting through with multiple layers of beach-side retro vibes and a shoegaze-style vocal mix that’s as delicate as it is emo but still as hopeful as loving, loyal pop.

The song is everything its title promises – a celebration of unity and relationship brightness – the music is bright, uplifting, hypnotic and a total pleasure to let rain down at volume.

The DavidPineapples sound all at once has familiarity and freshness to it – qualities that prove recognisable, not least of all in the voice and the lyrical stylings, throughout this EP.

Mixing things up immediately is the soulful swagger and panned sound-play of Anybody But Me – spoken word and short lines combine for a mellow look at poetic intimacy and loving sentiments. Even with this change in set-up, the sound is still undeniably in tune with the DavidPineapples sound – authenticity is clear, and the style is beautiful; honest and musically pristine, with layers of expressive piano alongside synths and quirky production for a cinematic yet arena-ready musicality.

Leave At Dawn picks up the pace and brings in a horn section for a lively pop vibe that’s as confessional as ever – unbreakable threads from the songwriter. Even so, the song is uniquely interesting enough to really hold attention. Long-form lyrical outpourings make for a more contemplative and observational presence.

Bringing things to a close is a notably heartbreaking yet still optimistic In Years To Come. Instrumentally minimal, stunning even in the way the voice and melody and lyrics carry things with such passion and openness, the song has a finality about it that quickly draws you in. Soon though, DavidPineapples brings back the hopeful, heartfelt sense of possibility that his music so confidently exudes. Unexpected yet powerful in its highlighting of a different perspective – ultimately, the perfect way to end this collection.

Musically faultless, eclectic and multi-instrumental, poetic and personal, relatable yet occasionally so intricate and unique that the stories suddenly intrigue and captivate. Confession Collection is wonderful, a fine introduction to the artist, and a great place to spend some time should the complexities of love start to overwhelm a little.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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