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Davidmichael503 Without Me (HALSEY REMIX)


Producer and artist Davidmichael503 breathes new life into a Halsey Classic with this latest remix. His take on Without Me sees the song’s natural energy and passion magnified and indeed rightfully intensified – simple creative touches add weight and power to the various sections of the track as they rise up and drop in.

The essence of the original song remains throughout, this isn’t a fragment of what was, purely manipulated and looped – on the contrary, Davidmichael503 has approached this with a clear love for the way things already were, and has merely added his own spin to the progression of the track. It emerges as a mildly EDM-infused single, that retro bass-line stands tall, as does the tripped up nature of the beat. There are certain unique calling cards that seem to highlight a character trait for the producer – something we’ll likely recognize a lot more as further releases come to light.

Davidmichael503 has altered the mood of the track quite significantly, there’s a slightly darker edge here – the effects, the various details and layers help really take this somewhere grittier; somewhere edgy and a little more deeply rooted in the resentment that the song speaks on. It’s a fitting remix, and the way it’s been built is actually quite refreshing right now. Davidmichael503 offers the world a new angle when it comes to music production and remixing pop classics.

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