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Davidmichael503 Bad At Love (Halsey Remix)


Davidmichael503 takes on yet another Halsey classic with this latest remix. Driving with a uniquely dreamlike sense of depth, the soundscape features a notably more complex string of layers that reinvent the song quite significantly.

The producer has drawn focus to certain vocal elements, as always – never letting the essence of the song fade away – but at the same time, there’s something new and intentional about the ambiance behind these. There’s an unexpected level of darkness to the music, a few specific riffs that echo out into the room and give the track a somewhat hip hop or alt-pop vibe. There also appears to much more going on, despite the calmness and unity of the finished piece, there are intricacies and moments that help take it in a new direction.

Essentially, the producer has creatively incorporated the very concept of being bad at love – the negative connotation of it, the difficulty – and has utilized this as a means of building an artistically relevant and subtly re-crafted piece of music and performance. His dedication to Halsey seems to bring out the best in his work, and this remix makes for a strong alternative to a pop track and effectively pushes it out towards the numerous sub-genres of EDM.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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