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David Mazig Full Circle


Producer and artist David Mazig leads with a blissfully colourful, multi-layered approach to sound design and dance music. His original compositions focus extensively on melody, whilst blending retro and contemporary tones and details, to a crisp, clean and infectious finish.

The sound is incredibly refreshing amidst the current musical landscape. Full Circle in particular takes listeners on an unpredictable, meandering journey through various sections and moments.

From classic dance vibrancy and brightness, to retro gamer levels and synth-soaked instances of uplifting unity, the track itself does indeed go full circle as it progresses throughout its sub-three-minute lifespan – ultimately feeling far more epic than the average timing generally allows.

Mazig’s use of melody and uncommonly programmed instruments helps elevate his sound above the majority of his peers. His compositional ability and this clear love for music and escapism shines brightly, alongside professionalism and a sense of uninhibited artistry in his carefree approach to setting up each track.

If you listen to other releases from David Mazig, like Power Up or Reaching Out, these building blocks become subtle character traits, recognisable as this artist, yet each experience is something new in and of itself. Power Up actually feels a little like a summer football anthem towards its end, an again unexpected turn of style.

Brilliant, energising music with a fresh twist of identity.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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