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Davelynn DeFries Shimabukuro I’m Sorry I’m Leavin’


Based on a true story, Davelynn DeFries Shimabukuro breaks hearts with soulful honesty and intimacy for this latest single and video.

The story is that of a couple who couldn’t have children – the woman choosing to leave the man, to let him find someone with whom he could raise a family, and the unfortunate details that follow. Ultimately it’s a declaration of the sacrifices we make for the happiness of others. In a short line of text such as this, the depths and difficulties of the story don’t quite connect, but what Davelynn has done with the song makes certain that they categorically do.

On the surface, this is a shoulder-swaying, piano-led country pop ballad – smooth and softly raspy vocals deliver the gentle rise and fall of an addictive Americana melody, and a series of poetic lyrics that could easily be made any couple’s own in terms of the concept of walking away from love.

It’s a gorgeous song in itself, but to take the visuals and backstory on at the same time – the video laying bare the truth of the matter – suddenly the whole thing becomes devastatingly beautiful.

This is a stunning musical journey through a tale that is sadly at least partially familiar for quite a number of people. The clear love at the heart of the writing and the visuals is overwhelming, and honestly it’s been a while since a release has captivated and moved me in such a way as this. Well worth the time it takes to listen and watch.

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