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Dave Vargo Nobody’s Fault


Freshly released from his sensational and heartfelt new album Crooked Miles, songwriter and artist Dave Vargo connects for his story-telling and calming melodies alike, throughout Nobody’s Fault.

Optimistic in style but heartbreaking in topic, Vargo’s naturally expressive, raspy vocal guides us through this letter to another with genuine devotion.

The melody is sublime, rising and falling in quiet, calming breaths of contemplation, resolving gorgeously at the end of each chorus to reinforce that title-line and concept.

Featuring humble yet effective electric guitar work, alongside the organic strum of the acoustic, the single feels like a pop-rock classic from a simpler era – qualities often evident in Vargo’s songwriting and performances. The style is timeless, in short, and the crisp recording and softly passionate, moving delivery here elevates that strength all the more so.

The album Crooked Miles is loaded with moments like this, stunning imagery and scenes set by thoughtful lyrics and the natural, familiar presence of the pop-rock and folk arrangement.

For the real music fans, songs written from the heart, out of a sheer desire to sing and express particular sentiments – this project is a dream to let play. Twelve original tracks, professionally and emotively crafted, from an artist born to create in this way.

Check out Dave Vargo on Facebook, Soundcloud & Twitter. Visit his Website for more info.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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