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Dave Vargo Fault Lines


Singer and songwriter Dave Vargo excels himself once more with the beautifully poetic, simple yet striking Fault Lines.

Leading with the soulful expression of that familiar, Americana-kissed vocal – short bars for the verse, a rise and fall that quickly draws you in – the single follows the marching rhythm of an organic bass and beat, softly hypnotic in movement.

The lyrics paint a series of images to set the scene, before things suddenly brighten up for a musically bigger chorus – at which point the lyrics contrastingly turn to self-reflection and uncertainty; a majestic pairing of elements that reaches straight for the heart.

From here, we return to the mellow swagger of the verse, with a few additional female vocal fragments to reinforce certain lines. The next time we hear the rise up – ‘hard to know which way to turn…’ – it’s instantly comforting, passionately engaging, and we feel the subsequent shift ready to occur in a way that strong pop songwriting tends to deliver.

Stylish, nostalgic in set-up yet refreshingly thoughtful in subject – Fault Lines is a likeable, timeless Americana anthem of sorts, which would no doubt make for a heavily emotive moment at a live show.

Fault Lines is the second single to emerge from Dave’s upcoming full-length album. Check out Review Fix Pat for more music. Check out Dave Vargo on Facebook, Soundcloud & Twitter. Visit his Website for more info.

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