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Put together on a diet of Mountain Dew Baja Blast with as little sleep as possible, this album from DAV!D&CLARA brings together elements of electronic rock and those of a more organic, acoustic nature, and it does so in a relevantly dreamlike fashion.

Do It Like You Mean It kicks things off accordingly, an industrial style beat accompanies a simple, lightly picked acoustic riff, and a leading voice that’s both deep in tone but almost whispered in presentation. The result is something that feels partly Nine Inch Nails like but also leaning in a thicker, rhythmically EDM kind of direction – even with a subtle dash of Rob Zombie. The sound is easy going for the most part, hypnotic and ambient, the lyrics tell the story of an artist lost in his own thoughts – precisely the kind of person who would likely respond to and escape within this kind of music.

Beautiful “X3” picks up the pace but sticks with the same characterful formula – a fast-paced, throbbing rhythm meets with experimental electronica, and still those smooth leading vocals pour stream-of-consciousness-style ideas into the mix. The production is impressive, crisp and clear yet other-worldly and fairly incomparable right now.

Melody “X269” follows on with a touch of optimism and colour. In many ways, these soundscapes would work in their own right even without the lyrics, but the benefit of the consistent human voice is that you can connect with it – you’re guided as a listener, welcomed into whatever it was the artist had been feeling at the time. This track rightfully offers one of the most melodic and memorable moments of the whole album. The rhythm of the vocal delivery works well here, the potential for a remix is strong.

Elsewhere on the album, the artist veers off down numerous creatively unpredictable pathways. Blood Moon “X62” kicks in with distortion and more of that industrial aura. Sunset Eyes stands out for its delicate and spacious introduction and subsequent soundscape – the acoustic touch again creates a striking contrast with the weight and effects found elsewhere. It’s a song of adoration and appreciation for a significant other, and you can feel this right the way through.

Luxxe Life evolves into something a little more dance inspired – a higher ended melody utilizes contrast again. Shooting Star later on showcases a certain theatrical style of performance. The thinking has reached new depths here, and the ambiance reflects that in a creatively expressive way.

Soaked is another that shines brightly for its meeting between the vocal melody and the synth riff in the backdrop. There’s a recognizable backbone to the track that gives it a lot of character, increasingly so as things progress and the voices intertwine and collide. The sexual undertones defined in the lyrics are well presented by the evolution of the production.

Golden and Delicious is another with a memorable musical set-up. The creative melody rolls out in a roller coaster-like manner, contrasting with the bass and the distortion, opening the field to be more of a wider-ranging experience. The two voices work well together to further this effect and add a natural level of passion to the process.

The title of this album turns out to be a pretty fitting indication of what you’ll find within. The subject matter and indeed the leading vocal style consistently hold close to this personal, intimate vibe. The title track encapsulates that sentiment quite intensely and is followed by the final boldness of X257 – a piece with a seemingly more pre-planned melodic verse and structure. Things vary throughout, keeping you interested and creating something genuinely artistic and dramatic before you. It’s an interesting album in a number of ways, but it’s also quite easy to simply let play – a well suited project for those late nights that seem to never end.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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