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Dashius Clay Bad Math


Beginning with the perfect kind of beat to vibe to, fusing that laid back, ambient energy with a mellow hip-hop rhythm, Bad Math opens up and moves along in the right kind of way. Dashius Clay’s voice and lyricism are the final pieces of the puzzle, starting with the softly melodic hook, presenting a uniquely deep, confident and characterful leading voice, soon followed up by a rap performance that keeps the rhythm and flow relevant and brings about a certain kind of honesty and realness that speaks to the heart of authentic hip-hop.

The high quality production is one thing, making this a radio ready and easy to relax to piece of music and writing. It’s a familiar yet always welcome and professional sort of backdrop. It evolves in a pretty creative and hypnotic way, there’s a hugely atmospheric undertone to the soundscape. On top of this, the voice, the driving force behind the song’s sentiment, has that precise sound and style linked purely to the artist responsible for it – there’s an inherent individuality there and that speaks volumes.

The subject matter is equally important. Combining modern life references and personal truth, as well as touching on the all important and ever relevant topic of relationships, Dashius Clay has an ear for songwriting that keeps the flow and the wordplay at a strong level. The title and concept work effectively in creating that intrigue and interest required to make people press play. The crisp and calming quality of the music and the artist’s vocal performance are what keep you listening thereafter. There’s a structural shift from the melodic to the slightly more manic or energetic vocal part, yet the rhythm always fits, and the change helps keep things fresh.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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