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Darryl Morris My Name


Darryl Morris’s ability to tell a story and convey pain and suffering is second to none, and his latest single, My Name, shows him at the top of his game. Combining the best of folk, country, and a bit of pop, Darryl Morris has crafted a heart wrenching piece of art that is every bit melancholic nostalgia as it is empowering and self-affirming.

My Name is a song about a man reminiscing on his troubled childhood. This man grew up with a father who was no longer in the picture for some reason or another and doesn’t seem to care to be in the picture either. It’s a sad story that could easily lend itself to a much more melodramatic vocal and sound, but Darryl Morris is such an expert storyteller that not only does he not rely on these cliché tropes; he shies away from them entirely. This gives a tale we’ve all heard time and time again a refreshing new twist and paints the picture in an entirely different light.

The thing that makes My Name a powerful song is its ability to take such a dark subject matter and find a silver lining in it. Though the song is about a fatherless childhood, Darryl Morris presents it in a way that expresses gratitude instead of regret. Despite acknowledging his hardships, Morris thanks the people and opportunities in his life that have led him to where he is and have made him the man he is today.

Take all of this and combine it with Morris’s effortlessly soulful voice and bluesy guitar work, and My Name is a song that can appeal to fans of any genre.

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