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Darren Parry Why Won’t You Let Me Love You


Why Won’t You Let Me Love You is an upbeat, pop-inspired collaboration between songwriters Darren Parry and Gavin Clifton. Darren Parry’s vocals drive the song’s sentiment and hook, a hook which sinks in almost instantly on hearing it. The opening, higher pitched sample of the hook melody sets the tone accordingly, whilst also adding something quite unusual and memorable, and as the song progresses – this key melody simply becomes more and more infectious.

Musically the song has the warm and easy going energy of a well produced, radio-ready pop song. The mix showcases a strong awareness of structure and some playful creative work that allows the leading melody to hit with even greater impact. There’s a classic or even vintage sound to the music and the mix on occasion, the instrumentation has something of a nineties synth-pop aura – the smoothness of it pays tribute to r&b and pop fusions from way back when. The subject matter is that of the complexity of relationships, holding the potential for sadness or struggle, but it’s dealt with in an open, accessible, even welcoming way, so the overall vibe given off by the music is the main source of its influence when listened to. It comes with a continued sense of optimism and positivity.

Audiences are likely to remember and recognise this release after hearing even just part of it a single time. The duo’s collective experience in song writing and their awareness of what works – lyrically, melodically, structurally – is definitely highlighted within this track. Those who are fans of classic, lightly upbeat and bright sounding pop music will be drawn right in.

The single Why Won’t You Let Me Love You will be available from August 21st – pre-order it today on Amazon. Find & follow Darren Parry on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Visit his Website for more information.

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