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Darren Parry Feels Like The World’s Stopped Turning (Feat. Sian Elson)


Stunning vocals lead the way for this heartfelt piano ballad from award-winning songwriter Darren Parry.

A local artist with global reach, South Wales has long-since celebrated Darren’s music, not least of all seeing him win the UK Songwriting Contest. Throw in a plethora of other achievements, including a ‘Male Vocalist Of The Year’ Silver Crystal in Atlanta, and this single seems like simply another step higher in the music world.

Blending a classic soul-pop set-up with a songwriting structure that powerfully highlights the underlying sentiments of the song, Feels Like The World’s Stopped Turning addresses heartbreak in an open and intimate fashion.

From the offset, Darren’s vocals deliver a raspy and genuine sense of pain. Sian Elson’s feature follows this up with a dynamic yet equally poignant presentation of the same central feelings. Simultaneously, the song showcases a level of working through the difficulties – the music brings brightness, optimism, and the latter half of the song draws focus to this beautifully.

The moment Darren and Sian’s voices unite, the entire song reaches a hopeful new peak. Then come the harmonies, this choir of additional vocals; an increasing aura of togetherness. The riffs speed up, multiple layers of colour help elevate the entire piece. It’s a big finish, and production-wise this couldn’t have been better presented.

In addition to his hard work and increasing success as an artist, Darren Parry has launched a brand new podcast entitled Music Matters. The show sees him interview singers, songwriters, producers, actors, DJs, and dig deep into what music really means to the creatives who make it. A recent episode welcomed no other than Steve Balsamo of Jesus Christ Superstar. Well worth checking out.

Grab the new single as of March 13th. Find & follow Darren Parry on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram or visit his Website.

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