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Darren Parry Don’t Need Nothing Else This Christmas


Darren Parry’s single this month leads with a gorgeous vocal performance during the verses, one that paves the way effectively for what is a refreshingly original seasonal offering and a great reminder of the artist’s tone and songwriting style.

Don’t Need Nothing Else This Christmas¬†offers the right kind of aura for this time of year, featuring a simple piano-led chord progression and a few flickers of bells and seasonal samples. Rather than veer off in some overly joyful direction though, this turns out to be song of longing – of love and a desire to be together. The song offers a definite warmth and so the concept comes through in a genuine way – it appears heartfelt and yet it’s simultaneously accessible for the vague nature of the lyrics and the fact that these are inclusive of most lovers or anyone who feels a similar way.

The verses are strong, as suggested – Parry’s vocals sound great, some lovely melodic nuances pour through in the quiet moments that reinforce the emotion inherent in the concept. The song’s hook rightfully sees the energy rise, the music bursts into life and various backing vocals help light up and add warmth to those outer layers. The hook itself offers a lyrical resolve too, summarizing the underlying idea and projecting that central theme of what exactly it is that the singer wants this year.

There’s a familiarity in this style of seasonal writing, for sure, but melodically and indeed vocally there’s something enjoyably fresh about this new release. It fits the mold of the moment well yet it also presents an alternative option for those who’ve grown tired of the same old repeated classics. The accompanying video for the single builds further on that sense of togetherness and gratitude for the way things are and the people you have in your life.

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