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D’anthony Lorenzo DANTHONY LORENZO


Making his appreciation for catchy hooks known from the outset, D’anthony Lorenzo kicks off his self-titled album on an infectious high.

Fantasy is the strong groove and melodically engaging opener, following which we get 11 additionally creative hits, for an ultimately eclectic new playlist.

back 2 u is the second song, with a stylish guitar line and a now-unmistakable vocal lead of similarly anthemic, emo-rap sentiments. with u then shifts things in a fresh direction, almost nostalgic pop and band-like for its vocal spread and upbeat rhythm.

After this, longing and culture join forces for the exotic hip hop track Lover – a defiant highlight and somewhat timeless in its fusion of genres and its theatrical, expressive progression through sections.

By all accounts, D’anthony Lorenzo has presented only the best of the best from his repertoire for this collection, and the result is a vocally impressive, versatile and colourful listen. Instantly memorable hits like Go, Stressed Out, and For You create an easy sense of familiarity and escapism. Always the performances feel authentically emotional, yet skilful enough to carry these longform twists and turns as per the nature of RnB and modern pop.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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