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Danny Cox Time Is What I Need


Bold and expressive vocals ride alongside equally eloquent and emotive piano-work, to lead listeners through a deeply personal yet minimalist piece of music and writing that is Time Is What I Need.

The UK’s own Danny Cox is the artist, a somewhat prolific songwriter with an impressive catalogue to his name from the past few months alone. This latest single is decidedly personal in its reflective nature, though the manner of lyrical craft-work leaves the details fairly vague – effectively offering the song up as a gift to made the listener’s own.

Certain phrases repeat and sink in quickly within the single. The concept of it’ll take a little time loops through in a manner similar to the Beautiful South song of a similar name. Melodically though, and style-wise, there’s a certain acoustic purity here, blending pop-like vocals with a theatrical brightness and a simple singer-songwriter depth and honesty.

The piano-playing is superb, likely to be all the more engaging and impressive during a live show, and some subtle flickers of guitar during the latter half help really add dynamic and set-up the live-band sound with all the more appeal.

The whole thing introduces Danny Cox in a memorable way, proving unique in that it follows certain timeless pathways as a piece of music, yet offering the simple hit of a satisfying resolve for the hook.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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